Due to changes in RATCH’s strategic plan that focuses more on foreign investment expansion and investment in businesses other than energy, the company had to adjust personnel plans and development of personnel capacities both in readiness and in number to effectively mobilize its growth objectives.

Activities to communicate and share information to forge better understanding and trust, promoting women's role and gender equality, raising awareness of natural resource conservation, and developing community's wellbeing in 2016 are as follows:

For RATCH, risk assessment is its top priority in managing safety. It is meant to identify factors to reduce risk, impacts, and losses to people, process, assets, business continuity, and the environment and communities. Further, RATCH implements a monitoring system to consistently track performance and review the effectiveness of control measures and plans to achieve zero accident.

The company provides channels for complaints, comments, or recommendations from stakeholders who are affected by the operations of RATCH, including the management and employees who breach the Code of Conduct or violate laws. RATCH also includes written processes of complaint-receiving and investigation in its Code of Conduct.