To be a leading value-oriented integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific

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The Company has put in place the analysis and evaluation of risks as well as communications on related information within the organization. The Risk Management Working Group consisting of high-ranking executives of each department is responsible for designing the process, guidelines, and prevention measures. The risk limit is set to contain possible damages within the acceptable level. The Risk Management Working Group has also identified events or risk levels, serving as the warning that all must follow the procedures. All business units are required to complete their risk management plan and quarterly reports. The risk control and prevention system at all units are monitored and periodically evaluated

The Corporate Planning Division is responsible for the Company’s risk management. It works closely with the Risk Management Working Group in assessing and analyzing risks, probability and the degree impacts on the organization as well as setting risk management measures for risks which may produce a significant impact on business growth. This will be submitted to the Risk Management Committee and subsequently the Board of Directors for approvals. Under the risk management process, each unit identifies risk factors in its operation and develops the unit-level risk management plan. These plans will define the business-level risk factors and then their probability will be analysed as well as the degree of impacts. Subsequently, the corporate-level risk factors will be defined along with preventive and controlling measures.

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